The YOMM Story

Proudly bringing
Tasty  drinks to your table,
Health  to your life,
And  support  to African Farmers

At YOMM we are committed to producing products that make you feel good and we care deeply about our customers and the world around us.

Yomm Beverages Inc. - Hibiscus Tea - Winnipeg Manitoba

As part of a well balanced diet, fruits and vegetables offer some excellent benefits to your health. But we mustn't over look the benefits of edible flowers, especially some of those common in Africa, that provide some of the most exciting health benefits in any single food. What's more... they taste great!

The YOMM concept grew from tasting a refreshing drink made from the unique Hibiscus flower in Africa years ago. Experiencing first hand the many benefits that this flower offers combined with our commitment to healthy living, encouraged us to share these findings for all to enjoy.

We are proud to say that in addition to producing great tasting, healthy products, we are also able to help struggling villages in Africa. All of the Hibiscus flowers we use are grown by rural farmers; the cultivating of the flowers provides an income that in turn enables their key essentials of life to be attained.

You can feel good, knowing that while you are enjoying the healthy benefits of our Hibiscus Tea drinks you are also helping the underprivileged of Africa. We truly believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; hence our products are all natural without preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours.

We produce ready to drink Hibiscus beverages that taste great and are free of refined sugars, additives, and preservatives. Our variety of flavoured hibiscus flower drinks, loose teas, and individually packaged hibiscus tea bags can be used to make our famous and tasty tea boasting the flower's signature deep red colour. It is easy to make sure you have a refreshing drink right at hand, whether you like hot tea, or a cold refreshing iced drink, sweet or un-sweetened, you'll enjoy YOMM.

YOMM – Feel Good!

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