Corporate Concept

Farming is an extremely important livelihood activity for rural inhabitants in African villages, where vegetables and some annual crops are major food stuffs for these poor rural men and women with their families. They can not afford staple foods and health care system almost does not exist for them. These farmers cultivate their crops with hard labour in such a small quantity and yet they can not find market for their produce as every one around is also struggling to survive.

YOMM Corporate Concept idea is to help these farmers to develop new technologies and approaches to improve farming practices and increase the commercialization of the crops they grow, thus providing these farmers with an opportunity to generate mere income.

Our Corporate Concept principle is to enhance employment opportunities for Manitobans, contribute to community economic development of Manitoba - our new home country, and to support and enrich the growers, the seniors and underprivileged in the communities, where our hibiscus is grown and give back to our heritage communities.

Welcome to the world of YOMM, where commerce and giving back are a possibility!

Yomm Beverages Inc. - Healthy Drinks - Winnipeg Manitoba


Yomm Beverages Inc. - Hibiscus Tea - Winnipeg Manitoba Yomm Beverages Inc. - Healthy Drinks - Winnipeg Manitoba Yomm Beverages Inc. - Antioxidant Tea - Winnipeg Manitoba

Pictures of Research visitors from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria and University of Manitoba, Canada to YOMM Corporate Concept Operations centre and farm in Nigeria, associated with a research project supported by IDRC and CIDA through the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (August 2011).

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