“I was first introduced to Hibiscus tea when I was on vacation in Egypt. They call it there Karkade and it will forever remind me of that hot, tropical sunny afternoon when I took my first sip. It tasted like cherry flavoured liquid and made me feel all bright and happy inside for the rest of the day!”

- John K. Toronto

“These drinks are very good tasting. I am basically hooked on the tea. Never thought I'd have something to replace my morning coffee but it has happened.”

- Dan Debreuil – President, SalesExpert, Winnipeg

“I was curious about the benefits of drinking Hibiscus tea and was pleased to find out that it contains high levels of antioxidants, which help to strengthen the immune system and get rid of cell-damaging free radicals. The Hibiscus tea is now my favourite summer drink and I make large batches of it and enjoy it iced.”

- Anna W. Winnipeg

“I have had the good fortune to taste the Unsweetened YOMM Hisbiscus Drink. I enjoyed its tart and fascinating taste. I like the fact that it is pure and healthy. It is an excellent alternative to pop! It makes a nice drink by itself, and would mix well with diet ginger ale or diet lemon-lime drinks to make a wonderful-tasting punch”

- Lawrie Cherniack

Cherniack & Cherniack Law Corporation

“I had the pleasure of lecturing in at the Business University of Cairo, Egypt. In fact I have calculated that the overall time that I have spent teaching there during the recent seven years was in total roughly one full year. My favourite drink in Egypt is called “Karkade”, which is also a drink based on hibiscus. The YOMM drink is at least equal to, if not better than the one that I tasted in Egypt. If I were able to buy this drink in Europe, I would most certainly be that largest individual customer/consumer, without fail. YOMM Beverages that have produced the hibiscus drink should wholeheartedly be congratulated. Perfect formulation, excellent balance, outstanding taste, perfect thirst quencher”

- Wolfgang Haufe

Manitoba Trade Representative for Europe.

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